Prisoner hires hitmen to kill Justin Bieber

2012-12-13 08:54
Los Angeles - Justin Bieber was at the centre of a recently foiled murder plot.

The Boyfriend singer was reportedly being targeted by a convicted killer in New Mexico, who was planning to have the 18-year-old popstar executed and castrated.

However, his hitmen were intercepted by police in New York in November after he confessed his plan before it was carried out.

According to New Mexico's KRQE News, convicted killer Dana Martin - who is currently serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Vermont in 2000 - hired his then fellow inmate Mark Staake at Las Cruces prison and his nephew Tanner Ruane to carry out the killing of the Canadian singer in New York last month, where he was performing at Madison Square Garden.

Dana - who is reportedly obsessed with Justin and has a tattoo of him on his leg - told police about his plan to have the men kidnap Justin and his bodyguard and strangle them with paisley ties.

He claimed Tanner was also planning to castrate Justin.

Both men were arrested before they were able to make contact with Justin, and Tanner was taken into custody in New York after being found with a stash of tools including a pruning shears.


  • jonathan.rose.12327 - 2012-12-13 10:47

    the cops were JUST-IN time

  • lyzettemcm - 2012-12-13 12:53

    Come one people ... are you all just jealous because you're not superstars. Give the boy a break. Granted not everybody loves his music, but is it necessary to be so nasty?

      luna.phillipson - 2012-12-13 13:27

      Yes, yes it is.

  • charles.a.dutoit - 2012-12-13 13:56


  • zuma.compound - 2012-12-13 15:49

    How do you castrate someone who's balls haven't dropped?

  • clairebee.nicholls - 2012-12-14 11:13

    These hitmen looked like hillbillies from Deliverence "You sure got a pretty mouth boy!" Ewwww I'm glad they got arrested, nutjobs. I could say only in the USA, but I'm sure you're not all hillbilly chainsaw loving types! LOL

  • 777productions - 2012-12-14 17:19

    LMAO ... why execute then castrate or was it execution by castration ? mystified why this makes the news...

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