Russell Brand asks Playboy twins on date

2012-09-27 21:57
Los Angeles - Russell Brand is hoping to imitate Hugh Hefner by dating Playboy twins.

The British comedian who has been linked to a string of women since ending his 14 month marriage to Katy Perry last December, tried to secure a wild date with Playboy models Carla and Melissa Howe after a stand-up gig in Beverly Hills.

Carla told The Sun newspaper: "The lights came on during the show and some American girls started screaming at him.

'He couldn't believe we were twins'

"He told them they were weird and he wasn't interested, then he picked us out afterwards. One of his team told us to wait outside and Russell pulled up. He wound down his window and told us how nice we looked. He couldn't believe we were twins.

"Russell said he was going home and asked us if we'd come along. But as soon as a photographer turned up he took our numbers and drove off. The snapper ruined the meet but, yeah, most girls would have got in the car," Carla said.

The girls have previously been spotted with Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.

Russell has enjoyed several flings recently including a brief romance with Geri Halliwell, but he reportedly isn't ready for a serious relationship.

"Geri was smitten but things have petered out a tad. He isn't ready to settle down so soon after coming out of marriage, whereas Geri is probably more ready to have a relationship," a source claims.


  • preshen.govender.90 - 2012-09-28 08:00

    Brand Sandwich

  • jonathan.clayton.330 - 2012-09-28 09:33

    What exactly does brand have that appeals to women??..

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