Russell Brand jokes about Geri fling

2012-09-06 23:02
London - Russell Brand promised fans his fling with Geri Halliwell will provide him with some "good material" for future jokes.

The British comedian enjoyed a brief fling with the Spice Girl after they both performed at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony last month and when questioned about the romance at his comedy show earlier this week, he told fans it will inspire his future jokes.

According to The Sun, Russell said: "Look, give me a year and I'll turn it into good material for you."

'Is she ginger all over?'

Despite his crack, Russell did rush to Geri's defence when one audience member asked him: "Is she ginger all over?"

He was quick to reply: "She's not got hair on her back. She's not like an orange Yeti. She's not like some hairy Jaffa Cake bear. She's still a person, she's still an actual person."

However, Geri may not be impressed by his chivalry when she discovers he has already moved on to a new relationship with actress Aimee Levoir. 

Friends of the beauty, whom Russell calls "my beloved Aimee", were shocked when he showed up at her home in London last week with flowers before whisking her away.

"It was jaw-dropping, straight out of Pretty Woman as he whisked her off in a limo. They have known each other a while but suddenly things have gone up a level. She has discovered a deep bond with Russell," one of Russel's friends said.


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