Russell Brand to fight phone charges

2012-03-19 15:03
Los Angeles - Russell Brand is planning to "fight" any charges relating to an alleged phone-throwing incident.

Paparazzo Timothy Jackson claims the 36-year-old comedian wrestled his iPhone away from him and hurled it at a nearby office window after catching him taking pictures from his car.

The Arthur star was released on £3 184 bond after handing himself in to New Orleans police on Thursday, and his lawyer Robert Glass tells E! News they are "going to fight" any charges that may be brought.

According to, Russell - who has since paid £151 to fix the window - plans to argue he was provoked and that the damage to the phone was minimal.

Extremely close

Having filed for divorce from Katy Perry in December, Russell is believed to have found comfort in the arms of another woman last weekend - his mother.

He apparently flew Barbara Brand over to Los Angeles from Britain to spend Mother's Day with him and new girlfriend Oriela Medellin Amieiro.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Russell and his mum are extremely close.

"She's always the first person he calls when something happens.

"Barbara is very fond of Katy Perry but was interested in meeting the woman who is helping Russell through such a difficult time."