Russell Brand to speak about drug policy

2012-04-20 20:00
London - Former drug addict Russell Brand is lending his help to a UK political enquiry into drug policy.

The 36-year-old comedian - who entered rehab for addiction to heroin and alcohol in the early days of his career - has agreed to share his experiences with the Commons' Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday, along with Chip Somers, chief executive of the detox centre which treated Russell.

Committee chairman Keith Vaz told Sky News the Arthur star will be asked about "his own experiences and about his latest project, a documentary of the nature of addiction and how it is viewed by society."

'Personally affected by drugs'

Keith said: "Hearing from those personally affected by drug use is essential to our inquiry.

"I welcome Russell Brand's openness about his addiction and recovery.

"I hope that his experiences will help us understand the nature of addiction and the impact that it has on addicts and those around them."

Russell - who is in the process of divorcing Firework singer Katy Perry - has been clean for almost a decade, and trusts himself enough to be near others who want to party.

He said: "Thank God I can be around people drinking otherwise I wouldn't be able to go out.

"I tend not to be around drugs too much. It's a bit pointless of you can't do it - no fun - but it doesn't spin me out. I would be anxious around heroin, but that doesn't happen very often."