Ryk Neethling dismisses drug claims

2012-04-11 07:12
Pauli van Wyk
Johannesburg - American Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard has alleged that she and her former boyfriend, SA swimming star Ryk Neethling, only got along when she was under the influence of drugs.

She says in her autobiography, In the Water They Can't See You Cry, published in the US recently, that he was jealous of her success.

Neethling said on Tuesday he was surprised by Beard's claims.

In the book she describes a two month-long visit to Neethling's family in South Africa during which time she and Neethling took ecstasy, cocaine and acid.

Neethling said the insinuations about drug use were unfounded, pointing out that he passed every one of almost 200 drug tests during his competitive career.

Dr Shuaib Manjra, chair of the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) medical commission, said: "Ryk has never tested positive for banned substances. Sascoc will therefore not investigate."

Stormy relationship

Neethling and Beard met while they were studying in Tucson, Arizona, in 1999. Their relationship ended after the 2004 Athens Olympics.

She described fights during which the pair screamed at each other, and said she started cutting herself as a calming mechanism.

Neethling declined to respond to her claims. He also did not answer any direct questions about whether he has used drugs in the past.

In his own 2008 autobiography, Chasing the Dream, he described the relationship as stormy.

Manjra said that an athlete at the Olympic Games could use drugs, but it is unlikely, because they could be tested without warning.


  • Katlego - 2012-04-11 07:23

    Ms America trying to boost sales on her damned auto biography at the expense of our very own accomplished Ryk - who is doing very well even in wine circles! Typical of Yankees, why didn't she open her big mouth when was high? If ever it involved the two! Mxn!

      Fritz - 2012-04-11 07:49

      do you have any idea who Beard is? She is the female Michael Phelps! 7 Olympic medals, including like 3 when she was only 14! Ryk is nobody in comparisson.

      berthram - 2012-04-11 08:17

      Do u have any idea how much we care about beard? Point is there is no point for bringing up her 7005 platinum medals.

      Jacques - 2012-04-11 09:21

      I don't care if she sh*ts gold. To drag other peoples name through the mud for personal gain is despicable.

  • Johan - 2012-04-11 07:24

    Hard to understand how he would have past all those drug tests if he was using ? I think she just wants to sell her book

      David - 2012-04-11 14:08

      I ignored your first attempt, but i am afraid you missing the whole point you moron...why you slating Ryk and praising this woman... we not bothered about her success...we looking at her book selling technique..if she was such a druggie back in the day why and how did both of them pass all their testing.. get over your infatuation.

  • CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-11 07:39

    With those record times in the pool, it must have been 'speed'. Ok, not my best work, but it's too early to focus right.

  • tony.kirby1 - 2012-04-11 08:37

    If Ryk had 200 tests and was always clean, so if she took drugs hoe come she was never found positive. So her results should also be eviewed.

  • Doc - 2012-04-11 09:08

    One has to wonder, if these are all lies then what the hell did Ryk do to piss her off to this point. Hell hath no fury they say. The right thing to do if you are innocent is to sue for liable, it is after all the American way.

  • Steven - 2012-04-11 15:31

    Nothing like a woman scorned!!!!!!! you should have drowned her when she was crying under the water!!!!!!!

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