Fergie regrets divorce

2011-05-17 14:41
London - Britain's Sarah Ferguson regrets divorcing Prince Andrew.

The Duchess of York made the confession while being hypnotised for her television documentary series Finding Sarah made by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

In the footage Sarah - who is mother to Andrew's two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie - is seen lying on a chaise longue as she admits to a therapist that she and her ex-husband both wish they had made their marriage work instead of officially parting ways in 1996.

She says: "I wish we'd never got divorced. He and I both wish we'd never got divorced, but we did. I wish I could go back and be the bride again, but I can't."

"He's my best friend and the father of my children. He's a great ex."


The session - in which the duchess also agrees to explore her feelings of guilt over how the split affected  their daughters - was filmed for chat show host Oprah's network but now a source close to Sarah doubts it will ever air.

The insider told The Sun: "I would be surprised if she was doing that for television - it was probably for research."

"The series is from getting fit again through to looking at why she's made the errors that she has made. Obviously part of trying to rebuild herself would be going to a psychiatrist.

"I don't know whether it was ever planned to air."


  • Sam - 2011-05-18 04:00

    Fergie just misses the money and the fame and nothing else. She regrets it now because she never got invited to that boring royal wedding. Maybe she should get her head checked first before trying to attempt to become one of the inbreeders again!

  • Palian - 2011-05-18 11:50

    methinks it was the prince who kissed the frog. its not the marriage she misses, its the lifestyle. words out she's bankrupt...

      Sam - 2011-05-19 08:17

      Maybe she should let billionaires suck her toes when the paparazzi are around!! she has been caught out before! But being a ginger, she has no real purpose in the world!

  • melanie - 2011-05-19 11:13

    what an embarrassment this woman is, just another human parasite, and every time she opens her mouth, thousands cringe.

  • Jenna - 2011-05-19 11:56

    Her dress sense always tickled me pink. Blind Sunday school teacher.

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