Seal, Heidi Klum could reconcile

2012-01-26 11:11
Los Angeles - Seal says a reconciliation with Heidi Klum could happen.

The Kiss From A Rose hitmaker and his supermodel wife - who raise four children together - only announced their separation on Sunday but the singer admitted they could still get back together.

Speaking on Piers Morgan's CNN show, he said: "I love her with all my heart. How can you not love somebody who you have just spent eight years with?"

Asked if they will get back together, he said: "You can never say never. I can't speak for my wife and I'm not going to sit here and BS you and say we haven't had problems. Of course we have had problems, otherwise why have we split up?

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"This is not a charade. We have problems, we have issues, but to our credit we have always been able to talk about them, to confront them. To assume that any couple goes without arguing is just nonsense.

"I don't know at this point if I would like to get back together. If it were that easy, we would still be together, that is the reality.

"I always used to say to my wife, the thing that I loved most about us is that we are a team, we are impenetrable in that respect.

"Whether we get back together or not, it may happen, I can't speak for her."

Wedding band

Seal, 48, hasn't taken off his wedding ring since the split and says he will continue to wear it because he still loves Heidi.

He explained: "What this means to me and what this stands for - it stands for respect, it stands for loyalty, it stands for incredible memories and it stands for these four little miracles and Heidi making five that have come into my life over the past eight years.

"There was some malicious thing about me still wearing my wedding ring for show but I'm still wearing my wedding ring because I am still married to this incredible woman and you don't all of a sudden from one day to the next, unless you are those type of people, say I hate you and take off your wedding ring."


  • Siso - 2012-01-26 11:56

    Best news ever, wish you all the best of luck. Kids needs both their parents.

  • Andile Koli - 2012-01-26 12:49

    Wish u can solve ur problems cz i really admire u as a couple

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