Selena Gomez 'took off' with 4 fans

2013-05-27 21:44
Los Angeles - Selena Gomez once "got into trouble" after driving away with four of her fans.

The Come and Get It singer was greeted by some of her young supporters at an airport, but she panicked when paparazzi arrived so "took off" with the group.

She admitted: "I got in trouble one time I had like 12 paparazzi and they were at the airport and I put my head down because I don't really like them that much and there were about four of my fans so when I got in the car I grabbed the four girls and put them in the car with me and just took off."

Selena - who has an on/off relationship with Justin Bieber - is always astonished by the dedication of her fans.

Taylor Swift is 'the best'

She added: "It blows my mind. I have the sweetest most compassionate fans."

Selena loves spending time with her friend Taylor Swift - who has dated stars including Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer and knows her pal will always support her when she has a problem.

She said: "I love Taylor, she's the best. I just love her because she's so cool, she just normal down to earth, awesome defiantly the girl you want to call if you're going through heart ache."