Simon Cowell: I don't kiss and tell

2012-04-19 21:39

Los Angeles - Simon Cowell has hit back at his unauthorised biography, insisting it is not his style to "kiss and tell".

The X-Factor boss is said to be "hardly sleeping" following the publication of journalist Tom Bower's book - which claims he had an affair with fellow judge Dannii Minogue in 2007, and that he believed his engagement to Mezghan Hussainy was a "big mistake".

Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is angry at being mentioned and dragged into Simon's "world of debauchery", and present judge Gary Barlow was left smarting by claims Simon wanted to sack him for being "too scripted".

But despite allowing Tom access to his life, the 52-year-old music mogul admits he feels "embarrassed" by the revelations.

He said: "It's not my habit to kiss and tell. I've never done it. I've always tried to keep my private life private, and it so unfortunate."

"So I was feeling very embarrassed and not gentlemanly at all this week because it's just not my style.

"At the same time, the guy's got the right to write the book he wants, but it has been uncomfortable, to be honest with you."

'Simply not him'

However, a source claims Simon is putting on a brave face, and actually feels even worse in private.

The insider told the Daily Mirror: "Simon doesn't recognise the person that has been portrayed this week. It's simply not him.

"He is feeling very low about this. He views it as one of the worst weeks of his entire life and he is hardly sleeping.

"Simon may have spent some time with him but this writer has spoken to friends, colleagues - and enemies.

"It's not as if Simon has any control over any of that. This book was being written long before the writer ever even met Simon or before Simon even knew the book was happening."


  • Victor - 2012-04-20 07:01

    definately a closet gay.

  • Preshen - 2012-04-20 08:38

    He cannot kiss and tell because he only has hand party

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