Snooki is reportedly pregnant

2012-02-02 07:27

Los Angeles - Snooki is reportedly pregnant.

The diminutive Jersey Shore star - whose real name is Nicole Polizzi - and her boyfriend of just over a year, Jionni LaValle, are expecting their first child together and the pregnancy will feature in her new reality TV show, a spin-off with co-star Jenni 'J-Woww' Farley.

A source told America's Star magazine: "She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family. She's been telling people that she has a big announcement coming.

"They are having to redo the creative direction of her spin-off because of her pregnancy."

Snooki recently revealed she is looking forward to leaving her partying ways behind to get married and have a baby with Jionni although she wasn't expecting it to happen so soon.

She said: "I'm still waiting for that ring, I swear to God. I've been telling him this for months now!

"I live my life crazy partying whatever, but I'm ready to settle down and have a little baby.

"[I'm giving him] two years. I'm 24 now. He has until 26 to ask me. If he doesn't ask me, I'm asking him!"

Snooki has previously hooked up with Jersey Shore co-star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and Vinny Guadagnino on the show.


  • Gareth - 2012-02-02 08:05

    Funny show,good luck to the both of them,but im guessing she will carry on being her drunken self,even after her baby is born.

  • Werner Vanheart Brand - 2012-02-02 08:26

    Can you not do proper research before publishing your stories? I did not expect news 24 to become a gossip column. Snooki is not pregnant as she confirmed herself in a statement on MTV news yesterday. Maybe get the full story next time before publishing story's on hearsay

      Lunga - 2012-02-02 09:30


  • frans.grobler3 - 2012-02-02 08:37

    I don't know her/them what a sh"t artical.............

      Landi Coetzee - 2012-02-02 09:22

      then why the hell will u read it???

  • Werner Vanheart Brand - 2012-02-02 11:33

    @Landi maybe read my comment and you'll understand. News24 never prints articles based on hearsay and now all of a sudden they do. I just stated they should do proper research and find out the truth, which is she is not pregnant as said by herself in a statement

  • Sharmay - 2012-02-02 14:15

    that poor child is going to make an entrace to this world covered in tanning lotion and gel!

  • Gwynneth - 2012-02-02 14:53

    Why oh why is she being allowed to breed?

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