Steven Tyler gets warned by fiancée

2012-01-03 18:01

Los Angeles - Steven Tyler's fiancée warned she would be unfaithful if he ever cheated on her.

The Aerosmith rocker - who has finally confirmed speculation he is to wed Erin Brady - has a famously wild past but his partner of seven years insisted when they first got together that she wouldn't tolerate bad behaviour.

Erin said: "I just said, 'Hey listen, if you play, I'm gonna play.' He didn't really like it when he was on the other side of that scenario."

Twice-wed Steven, 63, also admitted he is "ashamed" of his past behaviour and regrets how much upset he caused his ex-wives Cyrinda Foxe and Teresa Barrick

Sexual animal

He told Oprah Winfrey in her Final Chapter show: "For all the divorces I've had, I hurt those girls deeply, and there was some behaviour that I'm ashamed of and I shouldn't have done. I don't want to hurt anybody again..."

The Crazy hitmaker is particularly regretful of the fact he "abandoned" Cynthia and their daughter Mia to go on tour.

He said: "My heart is still broken that I did that."

Despite his regrets, Steven - who is also father to actress Liv Tyler, whose mother is Bebe Buell, and 22-year-old daughter Chelsea and Taj, 19, his kids with Teresa - admits he would like to "screw" every woman he meets, but refrains from doing so in order to protect his relationship with Erin.

He said: "I may come off as a sexual animal, and I definitely am on stage, because trust me, I feel it myself. But I'm not really, really that. I'll sing about it, I put it out there but I'm not. I'd like to go on a shopping spree and screw every girl I see, that would want to have me, who wouldn't? But I don't. I want (Erin) for my own, and if that's gonna take that away from it, I don't do it."


  • rbczovczov - 2012-01-03 19:42

    I give this marriage one year tops.

  • ingrid.botha - 2012-01-04 10:14

    But Steven Tyler is as gay as a picnic basket! Is the woman blind and deaf??

      Penny-wise - 2012-01-04 12:45

      I think you're confusing him with Rob Halford. Different rocker. I think Steve is a solid rock n roller - sex, drugs and rock & roll. He's a womaniser alright, not sure where you get the gay thing from ...

  • Preshen - 2012-01-04 12:43

    He will not cheat because no other women will want to do him

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