Therapy advised for Halle Berry's child

2012-01-31 12:05
Los Angeles - Halle Berry's daughter has been recommended to have counselling by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Family Services is currently investigating claims by the child's nanny Alliance Kamden that Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry pushed her while she was holding the former couple's three-year-old daughter Nahla.

Now is reporting investigators have suggested the tot may benefit from some therapy sessions, even though there has been no suggestion that Nahla was hurt in the alleged incident.

Custody issues

Alliance has claimed Gabriel shoved her during an argument earlier this month over the French-Canadian model's decision to keep his daughter off school.

Halle and Gabriel were due back in court on Monday.

The actress is set to ask a judge to stop the model from having any contact with Nahla until the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is requesting a restraining order against the nanny.

The model is said to believe Alliance has sided with his ex in their ongoing custody issues and claims she has fabricated the pushing claims against him.


  • cheryl.kristiansen - 2012-01-31 12:16

    This is just sick. A lovely little child is being totally screwed up by parents who don't know how the hell to behave. all respect for Halle has just flown out the window. she is disgusting!

      Ernestine - 2012-01-31 13:31

      Err, it seems the nanny was pushed by Gabriel. How is this Halle Berry's fault? Maybe you should read the article again.

      cheryl.kristiansen - 2012-01-31 15:10

      @Ernestine. the court would not ask for counceling for one little pushing episode. this custody battle has been going on for ages. there is more to the courts request than just this one thing. thats what i meant

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