Tim Burton shoots Helena when he's angry

2013-06-10 22:20
Los Angeles - Tim Burton shoots Helena Bonham Carter with a Nerf gun when he gets angry with her.

The Hollywood couple - who have two children together, Billy, nine, and five-year-old Nell - admit they have had some difficult times during their 11 year relationship, which has seen them work on a number of movies together, but they find novel ways of dealing with their issues.

He explained: "We've survived as a couple, but it hasn't always been easy. Sweeney Todd was the worst; definitely the worst. But then I found out she was pregnant with Nell and it kind of all made sense.

"Alice in Wonderland was fine. Alice was good, actually. I had a Nerf gun that I'd shoot her with every so often to get my tension out."

Despite their issues in the past, Helena, 47, couldn't be more content with her life now, however, and feels more "sexy and womanly" than ever.

She added to the UK's Vogue magazine: "I'm genuinely enjoying my life more now than I ever did. My work is better, my relationships are richer and of course, I have the children, which makes me feel as sexy and as womanly as I ever have."


  • Matt Rae - 2013-06-11 09:49

    Positive reinforcement:)

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