Timberlake wedding took a year to plan

2012-10-29 19:17

Los Angeles - Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake took almost a year to plan their wedding, according to People magazine.

Justin revealed that ever since his romantic proposal in Big Sky, Montana in December last year, both he and Jessica were working on getting their big day just right.

In a video posted on their website, People magazine's senior writer Jennifer Garcia said that she met up with the blushing couple right after their wedding. 

"Justin told me that since the day he proposed on top of a mountain in Big Sky Montana, the two of them have been planning this incredible wedding. The most important thing to them, they wanted it to be personal," Jennifer said.

Justin serenaded Jessica

Jessica also recently confessed that she started crying when Justin serenaded her walk down the aisle.

The groom's special gift to his wife was to sing an original song he wrote for her and went on to perform it at their Italian wedding on 19 October. Jessica revealed that it was hard for her to hold back the tears.

"That definitely started the tears. Not just for me either, for pretty much everyone who was there," she said.

Justin added: "I figured if there was going to be something I was going to be able to offer it was to sing her down the aisle. Grown men were weeping. Hopefully it's because I didn't sound bad."