Tom Cruise makes Suri his 1st priority

2012-07-06 22:09
Los Angeles - Tom Cruise has made it his "first priority" to get temporary visitation rights to his daughter Suri.

The 50-year-old actor - who was "blindsided" when his wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce from him last week after five years of marriage and sought legal custody of their child - intends to go to court in Los Angeles in person to ensure he is legally allowed to see the youngster.

Katie filed for the divorce in New York because she believes she has a better chance of winning custody, but Tom has been encouraged to file in California.

A source said: "Tom has told Dennis Wasser and Bert Fields, his long-time entertainment lawyer, that his first priority is getting a court order in place, obviously a temporary one, that will allow him to legally see his daughter.

"Team Cruise has extensive documentation to prove that Los Angeles is where the case should proceed, because this is where he says they have lived. Tom is extremely disappointed that Katie filed in New York, and he feels that she is trying to cut him out of their daughter's life.

"Tom won't tolerate it and told his lawyers that if he personally needs to go to court and make a plea in front of the judge for an order allowing him to see his daughter, he will."

'I am starting to come into my own'

It is believed Katie wants legal custody because she is worried about Tom's devotion to Scientology and the effect the quasi-religious sect may have on their six-year-old daughter.

Meanwhile, an interview with Katie in the August edition of Elle magazine hints that she may not have been happy in the relationship for some time.

Discussing turning 33, she told the US publication: "I definitely feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel sexier. I'm starting to come into my own. It's like a new phase."

Asked about her marriage, she admitted she wanted to focus on herself.

She said: "He has been Tom Cruise for 30 years. I know who I am and where I am and where I want to go, so I want to focus on that."


  • john.morton.9022 - 2012-07-06 22:38

    Scientology is a dangerous cult that utilizes mind control and bullying tactics to keep members in line. As long as Tom Cruise is involved with this cult he should only be allowed supervised visits with Suri. Google Shelly Miscavige and see what Scientology does to women who "disobey" their husbands. Shelly is the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, who is also the best friend of Tom Cruise. David was best man at Tom's wedding to Katie. Shelly Miscavige has been missing since 2006 when she carried out Scientology orders without her husbands approval. Scientology makes members sign a billion year contract when you become a member, this contract gives them the right to lock you up if they feel you have gone against them or disobeyed. This is a sick and twisted cult that needs to be investigated by the FBI. The IRS needs to remove their tax exempt church status because this is not a church, it's a cult based an a Sci-fi writer's book. As long as Tom Cruise is involved with Scientology full custody should go to Katie Holmes and he should be court mandated to undergo Psychiatric evaluation. If I were on Katie's legal team I would demand a paternity test to see if Tom is actually Suri's biological child because he adopted 2 children while married to Nicole Kidman, she later had a biological child with her new husband. I would question if he can father a child.

  • cheslin.white.7 - 2012-07-07 08:10

    Good luck Tom. Don't back down for a second. Its about time that women with a perception of “I have all the rights” in a scenario like this be put in their damn place. I don't know too much about scientology but I am sure Katie went into all this with her eyes wide open. Perhaps the fact that she feels “sexier” now was the chief motivator for her decision to walk out on her marriage. Tom, once again I wish you good luck in your fight for your right to see your daughter. You have had this battle imposed upon you and let me assure you that the well wishes of millions of men in your position are with you as well. The time of divorced men being marginalised from their childrens lives by spiteful, manipulative females are soon to be on an end. I want to further ask that whoever comments on this posting try to do so constructively.

  • dianne.b.hartley - 2012-07-08 12:23

    tom suffers from a serious problem, it called SHORT MAN SYNDROME.

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