We had a quickie with SA's hottest twins!

2014-07-10 07:00
Bronwyn McKay

Cape Town - We are all about things trending, especially if they are local. With Cape Town’s fashion week fast approaching, we’re rooting for South Africa’s hottest models and we found a pair that will make you melt!

We caught up with the talk of the town fitness twins, Alex and Charlie Kotze, and had a chat about their gym regime, cheat treats and their single status:

"Who are the K2Brothers and where does the name K2Brothers come from?"

Alex and Charlie:
"K2brothers is derived from our surname and, that we're twins... haha! As simple as that.  Our surname is Kotze, so we figured; let's just make it K-2!"

"We are farm boys working with our dad on our family farm outside the small town of Vredendal."

"We studied agriculture but have always liked the outdoors, being adventurous and being busy. Although we were heavy party guys we decided to give the challenge of becoming fitness models a go. We stopped the booze, and started a strict training regime & eating plan," they added.

(Left to right: Alex and Charlie on the farm)

"We wanted to document our journey, so, in March this year we created a Facebook fan page (K2 Twins), Twitter account (@k2brothers) and Instagram profile (k2brothers). Our first goal was to get noticed, and to help inspire others to change their lives for the better by becoming more health & fit conscious."

"It is hard not to notice how well you look after yourselves. Working-out is obviously a very important part of your lives. What do you think of the use of steroids to gain muscle mass and would you ever use it yourselves?”

Alex and Charlie:
In a serious tone Alex and Charlie answer with; "We believe in the natural approach.  Our purpose is to inspire others to achieve a healthy life by the most regular means accessible to anyone that's made the decision to be healthier / fitter!"

They carry on saying: "We don't support the use of steroids and will never consider taking any unnatural supplements."

"A lot of your Insta-selfies are in the gym, just how many hours a day/week do you spend working out?"

Alex and Charlie:
"It's perhaps a slight imbalance as we are mostly on the farm, working, but capturing that is sometimes difficult and might be boring," they say with a chuckle.

"We try to fit in our training session once a day, 6 days a week. We don't train on Sundays as our gym is closed - if it wasn't we'd probably be there 7 days! Farm work often requires physical labour so we tend to work the muscles during the day as well!"

(Alex and Charlie Kotze. Photo by Eric Uys)


"Everyone needs a cheat treat. We see Alex loves wine gums, does Charlie also have something specific he likes to indulge in? Are there any other treats you just can’t turn down?"

Alex and Charlie:
"We both like a Bar-One as a cheat snack!" But the boys say Wine Gums for Alex and chocolates for Charlie is a must!

"For all the single ladies out there, we’d like to get all the cards on the table. Are the two of you taken or on the market?"

Alex and Charlie:
We have good news ladies, at least one of them is single! Alex is currently in a relationship, while Charlie is girl-free, however they maintain: "Anyone interested would have to understand that we're now completely focused on building our profile and working hard at being the best we could become!!" they laughed, "But we truly appreciate all the love and support people show for us on our social media profiles."

Watch out for this sexy duo in Cape Town’s fashion week for designer, Ruald Rheeder. They are also working on a couple of sneaky TV commercials and their own TV show for next year!

(Alex and Charlie Kotze. Photo by Eric Uys)

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