Will.i.am car thief threatens to leak songs

2012-08-29 15:53
Los Angeles - A man who claims to have stolen will.i.am's car has posted an online video boasting about the thievery.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses bedecked with stars and a striped balaclava, the suited man - using a vocoder - threatens to leak the music on CDs he found inside a bag in the car.

Posting on Vimeo under the name 'Will.i.leak', he says: "I took your car, your jewellery and your pride. I took your car on a joyride. I drove it slow, I drove it fast, I drove it 'til it had no gas. I made you worry and that's a drag, but ha ha ha, I've got your bag.

"Now what's inside, let's take a peak, gadgets, gadgets, songs to leak. I'll leak them here, I'll leak them there - I will leak them everywhere."

'This isn't funny anymore'

will.i.am - who became the first person to have a song broadcast from another planet back to earth earlier this week - was furious when he discovered his car had been taken while he was attending his album launch party in Los Angeles.

He tweeted: "Where is my fucking car ... ??? This isn't funny anymore. (sic)"

However, it was found a few days after his Twitter tirade.

Founder and CEO of The World Famous West Coast Customs Ryan Friedlinghaus tweeted to will.i.am that he had good news.

He wrote: "@iamwill WE FOUND IT!!!! Thanks to #TECHNOLOGY ..... It's safe and on its way back to @officialwcc Headquarters!!! #HARDWORKDEDICATION (sic)"

will.i.am tweeted back: "@SelfMadeRyan my car has been found...#bestnewsever thank you so much ryan... (sic)"

Watch the message from 'Will.i.leak' here:

Will.I.Am. Will.I.Leak from Will.I.Am Will.I.Leak on Vimeo.


  • Tony Lapson - 2012-08-29 16:15

    That song from Mars was terrible. You can tell that the whole way through production he was thinking, "This is going to be a classical master piece. I will forever be known as the modern Mozart with all these beautiful synth strings and no drum line. I.am.:genius:"

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