Angelina Jolie's father worried after divorce news breaks

2016-09-21 16:00
jon voight

Los Angeles - Angelina Jolie’s father is "concerned" for his daughter after she announced she is divorcing Brad Pitt.

The Maleficent star has filed for divorce from the By The Sea actor after 12 years together and Angelina's father Jon Voight - who she has been estranged from for a number of years - has admitted he is feeling "very sad" after hearing the news.

He told Inside Edition: "It’s very sad. Something very serious must have happened for Angie to make a decision like this.

"I don’t know what it is. It’s a sad thing. Say a little prayer. I am concerned for Angie and the children and hopefully I will be seeing them very soon."

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Whilst Angelina didn't have too close a relationship with her father, she was incredibly close to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who tragically passed away from breast cancer in 2007.

Meanwhile, a friend of Angelina's previously claimed the star had changed following her mastectomy in 2013.

They said: "When Angelina underwent her mastectomy in 2013, her health and life in general became a priority for her. Her views on life changed. Suddenly she saw herself walking in her late mother’s shoes - and she was no longer that wild, fun loving woman she used to be, she was taking things a lot more seriously.

"Brad was supportive, and wanted to be there for her, so they decided to marry - more for the sake of their six children than themselves. They wanted the kids to have the security of knowing their parents were committed because they had been very affected by their mom’s ill health."

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