Awkies! Chris Pratt and JLaw end interview after sex question

2016-12-23 10:03
chris pratt, jennifer lawrence

Cape Town – Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence abruptly ended a radio interview after a co-host asked them a question about sex.

During an interview on Australia's KIIS Summer Fling radio show, the Passenger co-stars were asked by co-host Sophie Monk where the most adventurous place they’ve had sex was.

Of course Chris and Jennifer politely answered, but the question obviously crossed a line with the usually humorous pair.

Chris answered first with "aeroplane", when questioned about the getting the "angle" right, Chris joked saying, "I hung from the ceiling by my feet".

Jen, hesitant to answer said, "I like being safe... That’s what really turns me on".

Co-host Matty Action then told Sophie how awkward the question was and before they knew it, Chris and Jennifer disappeared.

Listen to the awkward interview here:

(Forward to 13:20 to listen to the sex conversation)

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