Can marriage counselling save Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's relationship?

2016-05-27 19:00

Los Angeles - Ozzy Osbourne is reportedly willing to go to any lengths necessary to rebuild his marriage.

The Black Sabbath frontman and his wife of 34 years, Sharon, split earlier this month amid claims Ozzy had cheated on her with the Los Angeles-based hair stylist Michelle Pugh. However, the 67-year-old rock legend and his estranged wife recently attended marriage counselling in a bid to overcome their problems.

A source shared: "He wants his family back."

Ozzy has reportedly been grovelling to Sharon in a bid to regain her trust and affection following claims he'd been unfaithful to her.

A source told Us Weekly: "The Osbournes have been through thick and thin together and have stayed together through it all. This is putting them all through a really horrible time."

Sharon, 63, has three children with her estranged husband - Aimee, 32, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30 - and recently thanked her friends and family for supporting her through such a troublesome few weeks.

Speaking earlier this month, the TV star said: "I honestly cannot thank people enough for their backing me.

"For saying they love me. For everybody here at my home, supporting me, sending me messages of love. I honestly am empowered and I have found this inner strength and I'm like, 'Right. OK. What's next?'"

It has been reported that in addition to sleeping with Michelle for a prolonged period of time, Ozzy was also offering her financial support.

A source previously revealed: "Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy's emails. She was upset that he was supporting this woman!"

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