Does Ryan Gosling have a twin brother we never knew about?

2018-09-18 13:12
Ryan Gosling

Cape Town - He’s described as the German equivalent of the Canadian actor.

And it’s a fitting title – or compliment – for Johannes Laschet.

The law student and fashion blogger is a dead ringer for Canadian-born actor Ryan Gosling, right down to the debonair flair.

“The first time somebody told me I resemble Mr Gosling was in 2005 when I was an exchange student in the USA,” Johannes tells The Metro.

“A girl on the high school bus came to me and told me I looked like the Notebook actor. Back then I didn’t know who Ryan Gosling was.”

Johannes has since capitalised on his doppelganger status by starting a drool-worthy menswear blog and has more than 60 000 followers on Instagram.

“I’ve always been a big fan of classical menswear because of its timeless and elegant flair.

“After I joined Instagram this platform was the perfect way for me to share my passion. I love to inspire people.”

Johannes adds that he often gets his style inspo from the La La Land actor.

“Mr Gosling knows how to dress well and you can learn something from him,” he told TIME.

“Especially when he wears a smoking suit.”

The University of Bonn student, whose father is German politician Armin Laschet, doesn’t mind the comparison to one of Tinseltown’s finest fellows.

“I’m still me and nobody else,” he told TIME.

“On the other hand you shouldn’t complain if you have a resemblance to Mr Gosling. It’s better [than] if people would say: ‘Hey, you look like Danny DeVito.’”

He’s not often mistaken for Ryan, but says he’s frequently told of the striking similarity.

There was one incident in particular that stands out for the blogger.

“One time, when I was at a fashion fair in Florence, Italy, two girls came up to me and wanted to take a picture with me.

“I told them politely, I’m not Ryan Gosling.

“They started looking at me again and said: ‘Okay, then we don’t need a photo’. That was pretty funny and my friends and I had a good laugh.”

Sources: The Metro, TIME, Cosmopolitan

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