Donald Trump Jr. defends Kim Kardashian after nasty POTUS meeting report

2018-06-01 10:50
Instagram apologise for taking down Kim Kardashian

Cape Town – Donald Trump Jr. has come to Kim Kardashian’s defence after her meeting with his father was mocked on the front page of the New York Post.

ICYMI, Kim met with Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss the pardoning of Alice Marie Johnson - who was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in 1996 for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense and money laundering.

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After Trump tweeted a photo of himself seated behind his desk and Kim, dressed in all-black, standing to his right in the Oval Office, New York Post teased their front-page cover headlined: “The Other Big Ass Summit” and with the phrases “Kim Thong Un pitches prez on prison reform” and “Trump Meets Rump” spread across the same photo.

Sharing the front-page, Donald Jr commented on the “double standard” of people saying if she were meeting former president Barack Obama their reactions would be different.

He further defended Kim, writing: “Here a woman Kim Kardashian who happens to be a celeb has spent years on one case researching it funding legal defence funds but because she met with Donald Trump about the issue that she’s taken very seriously, she’s mocked and criticised. If she did the same under the prior admin it would have been lauded.”


Following her meeting with Trump, Kim tweeted that she is feeling “optimistic” about Alice’s future.

A video interview, filmed and published by Mic, shows Kim on her way to the White House as well as the 37-year-old’s feelings after the meeting.


Kim is yet to respond to the New York Post front-page as well as Donald Jr.’s message.

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