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Even Neville Longbottom gets self-conscious sometimes

2016-01-09 14:00

Los Angeles - Matthew Lewis says he will always be self-conscious.

The Harry Potter star, who has stripped off for some "risqué" photographs for magazines in the past, insists he will always worry about his physical appearance.

He said: "I was like 'Why the hell do you want me for the cover?' Naturally you think of cover models to be David Beckham or someone insanely handsome, not me. But I've worked with the photographer, Joseph Sinclair, before and he is incredibly talented. He suggested some more risqué shots because I was in the best shape of my life and I trust him.

"Of course I was self-conscious. Even if one day I end up looking like fucking Chris Hemsworth I'm never going to not be self-conscious."

And the 26-year-old actor - who starred as Neville Longbottom in the fantasy series for 10 years - insists he would "never in a million years regret" his time as a wizard.

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: "Having played the same character for 10 years I jump at every opportunity I have to mix it up. Going away to do Harry Potter was a bit of a ball ache.

"Don't get me wrong, I sound like a tart. It was such an opportunity and there's me going, 'I want to go to the pub with my mates'. That feeling disappeared. I realised I was doing an incredible job ...

"I would never in a million years regret doing Harry Potter. I owe so many things in my life to it."

Well, Matthew Lewis. You have nothing to feel self-conscious about!

These photos taken by Joseph Sinclair for Attitude magazine prove it:

@realmattdavelewis for the current issue of @attitudemag Styled by @josephkocharian Hair @tomwberry Make up @rhealeriche

A photo posted by Joseph Sinclair (@josephsinclair) on

Outtake from @realmattdavelewis @attitudemag shoot. Styling @josephkocharian Hair @tomwberry Grooming @rhealeriche

A photo posted by Joseph Sinclair (@josephsinclair) on

@realmattdavelewis for @attitudemag Styling @josephkocharian Hair @tomwberry Make up @rhealeriche

A photo posted by Joseph Sinclair (@josephsinclair) on

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