Five shocking pics of celebs without make-up

2017-12-21 15:54

It’s impossible for your favourite celebs to look like the flawless, airbrushed versions of themselves all the time.

Every now and again they step out as ordinary, pimply mortals – and fortunately the paparazzi are there to capture the moment.

These pics will have you believing their perfection is merely a myth.

Heidi Klum

Model schmodel, Heidi Klum is human just like us.


What’s really shocking here is the fact that Ciara looks exactly the same with or without make-up.

Kim Kardashian

It should come as no surprise that the selfie queen has perfected the no make-up look.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer still looks like the girl-next-door without the layers of make-up.


It’s difficult to remember that Zendaya is only 21 years old. Fortunately, pics like this one serve to remind us.


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