Hugh Hefner’s widow and four children will benefit from his trust – but there’s a catch

2017-12-22 08:59
hugh hefner

Cape Town – Almost three months after his death, details of how Hugh Hefner’s fortune will be dealt with have been released.

The Playboy founder died on 27 September, he was 91.

In documents, obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Hefner organised a trust for his four children; Christie, David, Marston and Cooper, and his widow, Crystal.

Among the unique details - which came to light after a petition filed by the trust’s current trustee – is a clause that prohibits any of the beneficiaries from receiving anything from the trust if they are dependent on drugs or alcohol.

If they are found to have any sort of addiction, they will be suspended from the trust until they can prove they have been substance-free for 12 months. The trustees may at any time request beneficiaries to be tested.

According to E! News, Hugh appointed his long-time secretary Mary O’Connor, who died in 2013, as the first trustee. His two sons, Marston, 26 and Cooper, 27, will become co-trustees when they turn 30 years old.

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Hugh also took precautions, stating that no spouse or previous spouse could be a trustee and included a statement regarding the treatment of any person who might claim to be his child after his death.

“I expressly disinherit and exclude from any benefit under this Trust Agreement any person who claims to be a child of mind, including any child of mine conceived after my death, unless such child lived with me in my household and was acknowledged by me in writing to be my child.”

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