Is Jeremy Piven terrible at sexual seduction? His ex-girlfriend shares all!

2016-03-01 18:00

Los Angeles - Jeremy Piven is a boring love-maker, according to his ex-girlfriend.

The 50-year-old actor, who stars in the popular British period drama Mr Selfridge, has been branded as being self-obsessed and dull by his former lover Kate Nardi, whom he dated in 2013.

She shared: "One night he poured me wine and tried to educate me about it but was really quite boring.

"Then we were both sitting on his bed and he pulls out scripts for Mr Selfridge and asked me, 'Kate, can we recite lines?'

"After about five minutes he rolled his eyes and he said, 'Kate, can you just pretend to be playing the role?'

"I was thinking, 'This guy's a dick, this has to be the worst seduction ever.' After a while he crawled on top of me. He lifted my dress and pulled my bra down and couldn't get enough of my boobs.

"We had sex but he is the worst guy I've slept with. He didn't say anything, just the occasional grunt."

What's more, Kate - who claims Jeremy has been bombarding her with creepy texts since they split - said the actor is obsessed with his own appearance.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "He could never resist looking in mirrors and he'd do this weird kiss face at himself."

However, a source close to Jeremy has disputed Kate's version of events.

But the Entourage star seems to be in hot water with Kate's new boyfriend, Justin Lee Ross. Jeremy has been accused of bombarding Kate with 'creepy texts' and in response, Justin took to Facebook posting a number that is supposedly Jeremy's and 'encouraged' followers to give the actor a call/text asking him to leave Kate alone.

The post reached the masses as it was shared, liked and some even tagged their friends in the comment section.

It was also apparent that it was the wrong telephone number as many commented that the call either led to voicemail or that the number didn't work.  

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