Is Justin Bieber becoming a squirrel?

2016-05-12 12:29

Cape Town – Justin Bieber has continued to show strange behaviour over the last few days and we have finally figured out why!

He may just be turning into a squirrel!

Yes, after many years of studying and working really hard I can finally fulfill my calling as a journalist. Because writing about Justin Bieber’s strange activities is pretty much journalism in a nutshell right? (JK! This piece has absolutely no global importance. None.)

Thanks to some investigating, here’s what has us thinking the Biebs is becoming one with the squirrels.

First clue:

We found these pictures of Justin blending in with nature, which he shared on Instagram on 24 April. Was he trying to warn us?

When your hair blends into the branches

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Second clue:

The Biebs was spotted on Monday spending some down time in a Boston park. This down time included walking around barefoot, lounging on the grass and feeding squirrels.

Third clue:

Following his down time, Justin announced he would no longer be posing for photos with fans at all as he felt like a zoo animal that needed to keep his sanity.

Fourth clue:

This brings us to our fourth and final clue. Justin was spotted back at the same park sitting on a branch in a tree.

I don't want to sleep yet so here is a cute video of justin sitting in a tree ????

A video posted by JUSTIN BIEBER FANPAGE ? (@boysizzler) on

And another video haha aww ??

A video posted by JUSTIN BIEBER FANPAGE ? (@boysizzler) on

Some say he was meditating, some say he was trying to get away from fans because “no pictures”. But we say it’s time to accept the truth and ask yourself: “Is Justin Bieber becoming a squirrel?”

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