Joan Rivers' ashes are spread all over the world

2016-06-19 14:00

Los Angeles - Joan Rivers' ashes have been spread all over the world.

Joan passed away aged 81 on 4 September 2014, just days after she went underwent a routine endoscopy, and her daughter Melissa has revealed that she sent her beloved mother's ashes to close friends all over the world.

She explained on the Today show: "She's in England and Scotland and Mexico and Wyoming and California, and stores and restaurants and studios. She is places nobody would expect her to be. I think she'd be happy that what I still have is in my closet near my shoes."

Meanwhile, Melissa, 48, is auctioning off some of her mother's belongings at Christie's in New York City from now until 23 June, but admitted she kept a number of "strange" items.

She explained that her mother may have amassed a collection of expensive art and jewellery and a designer wardrobe, but she opted to remember her with possessions such as her "toothbrush cup" and other bathroom items.

Melissa said: "At first I said, 'I'm not getting rid of anything. I'm keeping everything!'

"But little by little, you start to weed through it. Now I want someone else to love her things and enjoy them.

"I kept her toothbrush cup. I kept the stuff from her night table. I kept the stuff from the side of her bathtub. I kept strange things like that.

"I learned that my mother was a big-time maximalist.

"If you're rich and a hoarder, you're a 'maximalist.' I'm not talking newspapers on the floor and tunnels with cats, but man, she had stuff stashed everywhere! She never met a tag sale she didn't like."

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