Justin Bieber claims self-defence for 2016 NBA final brawl

2018-08-24 13:58

Cape Town - Justin Bieber insists he was acting in self-defence when he got into a fight at the NBA finals in 2016.

Two years ago the Sorry singer was caught on camera in a confrontation with Rodney Tobias Cannon at a basketball game in Cleveland in the US, Metro reports.

Rodney claims Justin got agitated over a picture that was taken and demanded it be deleted. He also said Justin used the n-word.

Rodney was then reportedly grabbed and struck by the singer more than once when trying to walk away, Daily Mail reports.

The 36-year-old later filed a lawsuit against the Canadian singer, claiming Justin was responsible for injuries he obtained and had used racial slurs.

But the 24-year-old has denied the accusations against him.

“Bieber reasonably believed the plaintiff was going to harm him and any force he used was only the amount reasonably necessary to protect himself,” court documents obtained by The Blast stated.

Shortly after the brawl, Rodney took to social media to speak out about it.

“Yo, check. The fool ran up on me. I was with the girls. We just asked the d**k for an autograph,” Rodney said. “I ain't got nothing else to say.”

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail, The Blast

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