Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian $1m for Mother’s Day – here’s why

2018-10-03 13:42
kanye west, kim kardashian

Cape Town – Kanye West is known for giving Kim Kardashian the most OTT and extravagant gifts ever – and he has done it again.

Remember the massive flower wall? And the portrait of her by artist Bambi? Or even the stocks in major companies including Amazon, Apple, Adidas, Netflix and Disney?

Well, how about adding a $1m cheque to that list!

In an interview on the Pretty Big Deal With Ashley Graham podcast, Kim revealed the million-dollar gift she got all because she turned down an Instagram ad post.

“He's like the cutest. A brand offered me a million dollars to do a post on some of their clothing and they typically - I don't want to say who the brand is - but they typically knock off Yeezy,” Kim told Ashley.

“Let me ask Kanye how he feels about it and he says, 'No babe. I really don't want you to do that.' Understandable but that's a lot of money,” she continued, adding: “Mother's Day was like the next week. Mother's Day comes and he happened to be recording out of town and I get my flowers and then I get an envelope delivered to the door. I opened the envelope and it was a million dollar check with a note saying thank you for always supporting me and not posting.”

But it didn’t end there. Also in Kim’s Mother’s Day envelope was “a contract to be an owner of Yeezy”.


(Forward to 28:00 to listen to Kim talk about her $1m gift)

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