Kate Moss likes 'feminine' men

2016-07-03 22:00

Los Angeles - Kate Moss is attracted to men who have "feminine" dress sense.

The 42-year-old supermodel - who is currently dating Nikolai von Bismarck - has admitted she has a thing for 70s male fashion and can't help but stare when she sees a man in a quirky outfit.

She explained to LOOK magazine: "I quite like the way men dressed in the 70s, like Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan. They're quite feminine but still with a tomboyish look, which I like."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty - who has 13-year-old daughter Lila with Jefferson Hack - has admitted she's never felt the need to get stuck in to social media and feels it puts too much pressure on young girls to look and dress a certain way.

She said: "For me, social media it doesn't put pressure on me, because I don't do it. It's not my generation. Young girls put pressure on themselves to have to think about what they're wearing every day because of things like Snapchat. I don't do that."

Although she spends the majority of her time in front of the camera for shoots, she has admitted she can't get her head around the concept of contouring, which has taken the beauty world by storm, thanks to the likes of reality TV queens the Kardashians.

She explained: "It does look good on camera, but in real life it just looks weird. Back in the day I'd do shoots with Kevyn Aucoin and it was, like, his thing. He could totally change the whole shape of my face. But no one can really do it like him, I don't think."

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