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Katy Perry lookalike constantly stopped for selfies by the singer’s fans

2018-03-14 11:58

Cape Town - Her uncanny resemblance to Katy Perry is almost freaky!

Gaby Perry, from Quebec in Canada, has been mistaken for the Swish Swish singer since she was 18.

The 24-year-old, who died her hair dark brown and cut a fringe, then started copying the American singer’s fashion sense and even recreated her make-up looks, reports The Talko.

Since her transformation, Gaby, who uses the pop star’s surname, has often been mistaken for the songstress.

“When I go shopping in bigger cities I always hear whispers from people saying I look like Katy Perry at every corner I turn,” Gaby says.

“I’m constantly stared at and even stopped for selfies, and I always offer selfies to kids who gawp at me.”

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But internet trolls often accuse her of not being her true self, Gaby told Story Trender.

“I’m a huge fan of Katy, and since I’ve been mistaken for her I’ve based my image on her more,” Gaby says.

“That’s because I find her such an inspiring person and we did already have a lot of similarities in our looks, so it was easy.

“Our main difference is that I’m a lot shorter! I’m only 5’3” [1,61m] but Katy is 5’8” [1,76m].”

“I’ve recreated her costumes when I’ve seen her on tour, and I’ve based make-up looks on her before, but I’m still my own person.

“People have voiced their concerns that I’m trying to be someone else but honestly I think it’s a misconception of me.”

But now that the Grammy nominee has cut her hair and dyed it blonde, Gaby, who has more than 4 000 followers on Instagram, doesn’t get so many double-takes from Katy Perry fans anymore.

“I don’t get mistaken for her as much – I look like her more in her California Gurls days,” she says.

“Now people just comment on how much I look like Katy without them thinking I’m her.

“I do really like looking like her but at the same time I enjoy that she’s cut her hair so it differentiates us a lot.”

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