Kevin Hart apologizes for sexually suggestive behavior

2017-09-18 13:41

According to TMZ  Kevin Hart was the victim of an extortion ploy which is being investigated by the FBI. TMZ spoke to law enforcement and found out that someone contacted Kevin Harts team sent them a video which shows Kevin Hart in a sexually suggestive way and implies that he may have cheated on his wife, 32 year old Eniko Parrish. 

A few months ago Kevin Hart was embroiled in cheating rumors during his birthday weekend after a video came out with him being rather comfortable with an unknown female in a car.

He remained silent on those rumors leaving us to think that they were just that. Rumors. This all happened back in July and things have been blossoming in the Hart household. Until of course this past weekend when Hart was faced with this video.

According to TMZ the FBI are honing in on a suspect of this crime and Kevin has since posted a video on his Instagram account apologizing.

Watch the video here:

Source: TMZ

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