Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen trolled Kanye West on Twitter and it is gold!

2018-04-19 05:00
kim kardashian, chrissy teigen

Cape Town – What happens when the queen of clapbacks and the queen of shade team up on Twitter?

ICYMI, Kanye West is back on Twitter and, of course, his tweets are on Jaden Smith level. So much so that his own wife decided to tease him a little.

Kanye first tweeted that “Sometimes you have to get rid of everything,” and as you’d expect, Kim was feeling very perplexed by the term, “everything”.

Chrissy Teigen, being the queen of throwing shade on Twitter, then low key got herself involved insinuating that she would totally let Kim sleep on an air mattress at her place.

Kim totally loved it but added that she would have to bring the kids and even tried to get John Legend involved to try and decode what Kanye meant when he wrote “everything,” but then realised that “everything” could also mean friends…

Chrissy, doing what she does best, pointed out that we are now in fact all screwed thanks to Kanye’s tweet.

While trolling is totally fun and hilarious, some people don’t understand how it works.

Kim was left having to explain that her tweets are literally just a joke and should not be taken seriously at all.

Seriously, does she even have to explain?!

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