Kim says she's 'funny too' and Kanye didn't hack her account!

2016-03-09 08:03

New York — There's "clap back," where celebrities go after haters on social media, and then there's "clap back" Kim Kardashian West-style, where one of the biggest names in the game takes on an award winning celebrity 35 years her senior!

As Twitter shade goes, there's been far worse, but like most things Kardashian, this round scored thousands and thousands of clicks.

It started on Monday night with the nude, in-the-mirror selfie. The not-so-new nude was enough to motivate Bette Midler to joke in a tweet but it didn't end there.

Third grade-like petty doesn't begin to cover some of the details involving Midler.

Twitter Kim made a crack about her age and mentioned that Midler once gave her a gift but now falls into the "fake friend" category, to which Twitter Bette responded:

Speaking of funny, Kardashian West then followed up hours later with another missive, this one aimed at speculation that Kanye or Khloe might have hacked her account.

The crazy backlash resonated offline among celebrity watchers. Billy Bush, co-host of NBC's Access Hollywood Live, wondered on air on Tuesday why Kardashian West bothered to go there in the first place.

"Kim needs to understand that because the way she has presented herself she's public domain. She's fodder for that sort of stuff," he said.

Others, as these things usually go, also hopped on, but they're grown people and can fend for themselves. But why Midler was singled out by the all-powerful Kardashian West, who's usually quite nice on Twitter, is up for grabs.

An email to Kardashian West's publicist was not immediately answered on Tuesday.

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