Kodak Black apologises to Lauren London after disrespectful comments

2019-04-08 12:41
Kodak Black & Lauren London (PHOTOS: Getty Images/

Cape Town - Rapper Kodak Black has apologised after receiving backlash for comments he made about Lauren London following the death of her partner Nipsey Hussle, Daily Mail reports.

On Instagram live on Saturday, Kodak spoke on Lauren, adding that he would ‘give it a year’ before he pursued her.

Lauren’s partner Nipsey (33), was shot multiple times on 31 March outside his South Los Angeles apparel store and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Speaking on Lauren's now single status, Kodak said, "She gonna be a whole widow. I'll be the best man I can be for her. I'll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year crying and s***."

He further explained what he meant by consoling her, "I trying to be that friend to holler on...  that shoulder to lean on... you can call my line".

However, fans and fellow rappers were quick to call out the 21-year-old for his insensitivity.

In a video, TI said of the video, “Kodak Black, you outta pocket, n****. Fix that s***, quickly, expeditiously, n***. You outta pocket, n***.”

Fellow rapper, The Game, also posted his own video echoing TI’s sentiments.

"This s*** go for Kodak Black and any other n**** disrespecting my n**** Nip name, his legacy, his family," he said.

“N****, keep my n*** name out your f****** mouth, ****. Keep his girl's name out your f***** mouth, n****. What the f*** wrong with you n*****? No respect having ass n****. This new generation, y'all f**** up in the head, n****."

After being called out, Kodak posted another video, where he apologised for his comments. In his apology, the Wake Up in the Sky rapper said, "If I disrespected you Lauren London, in any shape or form, I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Popular American radio station, Power 106, has announced that they will no longer be playing Black's music.

Sources: Daily Mail, USA Today, Baller Alert

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