LOOK! Harry Styles' reaction to this question is everything!

2015-11-18 06:00

Cape Town – We all know by now that One Direction’s latest hit, Perfect, has been very closely related to Taylor Swift.

Not only is the beat of Perfect very nearly the same as Taylor’s song, Style

The lyrics of the song, specifically those that Harry Styles sings pretty much scream Tay-Tay.

The band sat down for an interview at this weekend's Apple Music event in London and host, James Corden decided it was time to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

When posing the question about Perfect James Corden said: "I'm reading the lyrics and I happen upon a line and in this line it says, 'And if you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I'm perfect.'"

Harry tried to hide his smile…

Then James said this: "Now listen, I don't want to have any bad blood about this. If you don't want to talk about this, we can shake it off."

And Harry got an itch…

But when James eventually asked "who is the song about?" Harry just couldn’t hold that poker face…

We're pretty sure it's safe to say that confirms the speculation!

Watch Harry get bashful here:

(Screengrabs: Apple Music: One Direction London Session)

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