Pamela Anderson puts on frisky Baywatch shows for her boyfriends

2016-07-15 05:00
pamela anderson

Los Angeles - Pamela Anderson stages "frisky" rescues for her lovers in her iconic Baywatch costume.

The 49-year-old actress - who portrayed C.J. Parker in the popular TV series - likes to spice up her sex life by donning the red bathing suit and acting out x-rated versions of her scenes from the programme.

She said: "Yes, I usually do dress up for boyfriends. It was only a few months ago, in fact, that I last put the bathing suit on.

"One of my boyfriends wanted rescuing from the bed. So I jumped in the shower, got all wet, and frisky and then did the slow-mo run all the way from the shower to the double bed. I think he was pretty satisfied with the performance''.

Pamela used to own two of the swimsuits she'd worn on the show, but these days only has one after a terrifying incident when she found an intruder dressed in the other.

Speaking to GQ, she said: "I have two original Baywatch swimsuits. Or rather only one since I found my stalker in one two years ago. I walked into the bathroom and she was standing there in my red suit with blood running out of her slit wrists. Apparently she had been following me for, like, months and had been watching me sleep."

The blonde beauty - who has sons Brandon, 20, and Dylan, 18, with ex-husband Tommy Lee - previously spoke about how she thought she was "going crazy" until she discovered a homeless obsessed fan was secretly living in her guest house.

She said: "A homeless person went into my home and was living in my guest house with my Baywatch bathing suit on, slicing her wrists. She had a letter that said 'I'm not a lesbian I just want to touch you.'

"She got my bathing suit out of my room, I was there alone with two babies and I remember seeing a face in a window - isn't it the scariest thing you can think of? - you walk up to a dark window and you're like shocked.

"I called security who couldn't find her, and then she was in my house. Things kept going missing, where's that loaf of bread, where's my jean jacket, and I'd be like 'Am I going crazy?' She was there for three or four days."

In 2001, Christine Evelyn Roth, was charged with a misdemeanour trespassing charge of unauthorised entry of a dwelling after she was found sleeping in one of Pamela's beds.

She was subsequently ordered to return to her native France and seek counselling.

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