PICS: Vampire Diaries star kicks off 2019 in sunny South Africa

2019-01-02 09:15
Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough

Cape Town – Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough celebrated the start of the new year in sunny South Africa.

The famous besties, along with a massive group of their family and friends, rang in the new year in the Mother City and shared it all with their followers on Instagram.

Photos show The Vampire Diaries actress enjoying the warm weather by the pool as well as conquering Table Mountain.

In a number of videos of Instagram Stories, Nina and Julianne looked to be having the best time at a party on New Year’s Eve as well as on the following day.


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You are what you lay on

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Most of the time I dream so big that I can go pretty far out there. I can see 10 years down the road and it’s so clear to me, like it has already happened. This has been a massive source of my achievement and fulfillment in life. When I was a little girl I made all these goals. By the time I’m 12 I’m going to ______! By the time I’m 19 I’m going to ________! By the time I’m 21 I’m going to _____! You get the picture. When I would make those goals, I had already seen the outcome before it happened... and those specific dreams all came to fruition. This Dreaming “so far out there” though also can be overwhelming. Somewhere down the road I got intimidated by dreaming big because I got overwhelmed by the “how” of it all. How am I going to get there? How is that even possible? How will I have time for that? How am I going to get people to see my vision. How am I going to do this all on my own? This year I realized I started playing small (dreaming closer to myself) a few years ago because the dreams never felt attainable. But now, I’ve realized that we limit ourselves when we try to figure out the how instead of already seeing the outcome and focusing on that! (Which is the power of being a kid) So great, I still want to know how... haha so... what I’ve learned to do now is see the outcome of the dream and try to reverse engineer it. Delegation is key and knowing I can’t do everything on my own is also the key. The power is within the people. The more you can collectively come together with the people around you and empower them to be the expert in their field and allow them to dream big, your company/relationships/friendships etc will thrive! I also believe in the power of repetition. Repetition is the mother of all skill. Create rituals that you do everyday to build that muscle and grow that skill. So I encourage you to DREAM BIG, Create RITUALS of REPETITION, and DELEGATE. My greatest fear in life is the feeling of playing small. Knowing that I have dreams so big and that I have so much more to give inside of me is what keeps me going. So PLEASE dream big!!!!!! Your impact, impacts the rest of us! We truly help each other evolve! 2019 yr of empowerment

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Stepping into a new year. Thank you, NEXT

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