Sarah Jessica Parker reveals how she dealt with a big movie star acting inappropriately towards her

2019-07-09 14:52

Cape Town - Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed she had to report a “big movie star” for behaving inappropriately towards her early in her career.

In an interview on radio talk show Fresh Air, the Divorce star recalled how she’d had to report the man to her agent in order for the situation to be resolved, Independent UK reports. 

“I did go to my agent because I felt I was no longer able to convey how uncomfortable this was making me, how inappropriate it was. And within hours everything had changed,” she said.

The actress didn’t reveal further details about the man who’d behaved inappropriately towards her.

The star also commented on the impact of the #MeToo campaign, saying it made her recognise countless experiences of men behaving poorly and inappropriately throughout her working life, Glamour reports.

Sarah Jessica Parker. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

“It’s hard when you’re young and especially if it’s somebody who’s in a position of authority,” said the host of Fresh Air, Terry Gross, to which Sarah responded, “That’s right.”

When asked how her work life was on that project afterwards, the 54-year-old said it wasn’t “perfectly pleasant” but it definitely improved, the Guardian reports.

“I didn’t have to be coy any longer and I didn’t have to dread a potential conversation,” she added. 

“I didn’t have to listen to jokes about me or my figure or what people thought they could talk me into doing. All these men. All these men. That stopped.

“But I felt certainly better and safer, like I could finish what I’d agreed to do.”

Sources: Independent UK, Glamour, Guardian
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