Serena Williams shares adorable vid as she attempts to teach baby Olympia to speak French

2018-08-02 14:59

Johannesburg - You’re never too young to learn, right?

It's this attitude that’s probably helped make tennis superstar Serena Williams (36) the winner she is.

In a cute Instagram Story, the 23-time Grand Slam champion shared a video of herself speaking French to her 11-month-old baby Olympia as the adorable toddler plays and dips her hands in a small bowl of water on the floor, People reports.

“Now I have to give her a bath,” the 36-year-old wrote.


The family seems to have a taste for European culture. On 21 July Serena’s hubby, Alexis Ohanian (35), shared an Instagram post of the pair enjoying Venice. He captioned the post: “She wanted Italian for dinner, so . . .”

In the pic he shared on Instagram the couple are on a gondola on Venice’s famed canals with Serena sipping wine from a glass. It seems Alexis treated his wife to an Italian holiday, Time magazine reports.

Sources: Time magazine, People

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