Amber Heard 'hid in plane bathroom' to avoid Johnny Depp

2016-06-07 14:50

Los Angeles - Amber Heard "hid in the bathroom" for an entire plane journey to get away from Johnny Depp.

The Magic Mike XXL star joined her now-estranged husband - whom she filed for divorce from late last month - on a promotional trip to Japan in 2013 for The Lone Ranger but it was a "complete disaster", an insider has claimed.

The source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Johnny took his family with him on the trip, on a private jet paid for by the studio. During the flight, Johnny was drinking and smoking loads. His behaviour became unpredictable, and Amber didn't want to be around him. But there was nowhere to go on the jet except the bathroom, so she hid in there.

"She only rejoined him once the plane had landed. The rest of the trip was a completely disaster - Johnny continued boozing throughout. The film had tanked at the box office, so it was a difficult trip anyway. He had brought his family along for support, but ended up pushing them away."

The 30-year-old actress has claimed Johnny has been violent to her throughout their relationship, with things culminating when he allegedly threw an iPhone at her face.

Lawyers for Amber claim she initially did not speak to the police about what had happened so she could "protect her privacy and Johnny's career" but has been "forced" into it now because of how his legal team is acting.

Samantha F. Spector and co-counsel Joseph P. Koenig said: "As the result of Amber's decision to decline giving an initial statement to the LAPD, her silence has been used against her by Johnny's team. Amber did not provide a statement to the LAPD in an attempt to protect her privacy and Johnny's career.

"Johnny's team has forced Amber to give a statement to the LAPD to set the record straight as to the true facts, as she cannot continue to leave herself open to the vicious false and malicious allegations that have infected the media. Amber has suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny."

Johnny Depp has denied all allegations made against him.

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