This is the true story of Margot Robbie, Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama and a pair of pink gym shorts

2018-01-11 10:25
margot robbie

Cape Town – The story of how Margot Robbie met Ellen DeGeneres could easily go down as the most embarrassing/hilarious/legendary story in history.

The I, Tonya actress stopped by The Ellen Show and, to assistant director husband Tom Ackerley’s disappointment, couldn’t help but share the unforgettable moment.

Picture this:

Shortly after Margot and Tom tied the knot they went on honeymoon to a secluded resort in Tahiti.

One day during their trip it started raining and so they decided to hit the gym. Getting ready, Tom put on his “oldest, tinniest” gym shorts because who is going to see them anyway, right? Wrong!

Walking into the gym, the couple very unexpectedly ran into Ellen and her wife Portia.

“We walk into the gym and running on the treadmill is Ellen and on the treadmill next to her is Portia, her wife.”

But wait, it gets better.

After meeting Ellen and Portia, Ellen says to Margot and Tom: “Have you met Obama?”

To the couple's surprise, Obama was also staying at the resort and was also in the gym.

Margot, Tom, Ellen, Portia and Obama then stayed in the gym for a stretching class that was clearly not suitable for Tom and his tiny, pink gym shorts.

Everyone was scarred but lived to tell the tale.


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