Tyrese Gibson used his daughter to get Charlize Theron's number

2016-07-05 07:00

Los Angeles - Tyrese Gibson wants to "have a little fun" with Charlize Theron.

The 37-year-old actor - who has eight-year-old daughter Shayla with ex-wife Norma - "flirted" with his Fast & Furious 8 co-star on the set of the movie and is looking forward to spending more time with her away from work.

However, Tyrese insists they exchanged numbers simply to arrange a play date between his daughter and Charlize's two kids, Jackson, four, and August, who was adopted as an infant a year ago.

He said: "I got Charlize's cell phone number. I was flirting with her a little bit.

"I got the cell phone number. We're trying to get the kids together, have a little fun...She's sweet."

And it seems the 40-year-old actress has a number of the qualities the single star is looking for in a potential girlfriend.

He told E! News: "I love a sweet woman with a lot of confidence.

"I love a woman that can walk in a room and everyone notices. I love it. Education, smart, spiritual, I could be here for another 45 minutes if you want."

When it came to working on the latest installment of the action franchise, Tyrese thinks his new friend motivated the whole cast to raise their performances to a higher level.

He said: "I can tell you Charlize really came into this thing and set the tone for all of us. I often like to think of us as a franchise team and you get a new player to come in and they're killing it and we like, we got to step.

"Charlize really elevated us on an inspiration level."

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