WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres makes George Clooney and Rihanna blush!

2016-02-05 13:06

Cape Town – Ellen Degeneres is the queen of making celebs share their dirty secrets in a fun way!

In the latest game of Never Have I Ever, the show host got George Clooney and Rihanna to reveal those cringeworthy moments you always wanted to know.

Wasting no time the Ellen gets straight into it by asking: “Never have I ever texted a nude selfie?”

Here are four of our other favourite reveals from the game:

1. “Never have I ever been drunk before noon?”

2. “Never have I ever spanked a cat?”

3. “Never have I ever seen a rapper naked?”

4. “Never have I ever forgotten the name of the person I was fooling around with?”

Watch here to see what other questions get the pair blushing:

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