WATCH: Katy Perry’s hilarious prank on Orlando Bloom

2019-09-04 16:04
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Photo: Getty/Gallo I

Cape Town - Orlando Bloom might want to reconsider how well he knows girlfriend Katy Perry after this epic prank she played on him.

The actor was a guest on BBC Radio 1 when he was requested to judge celebrity voice impersonations, from English actor Tom Hardy to legendary broadcaster David Attenborough.

But there was one impersonation, by a caller named "Gemma" that he just couldn’t crack, E! News reported.

Gemma called into the station claiming to be able to do a killer Katy Perry impersonation.

"Oh, well, I’ll be the judge of that," the 42-year-old actor said. But little did he know that it was actually his fiancé calling in.

"Yeah, Gemma that was great, really well done. Not convinced but hard for you because I do live with that voice," Orlando said shortly after Gemma’s rendition of Katy’s 2008 hit I Kissed A Girl.

The caller responded with, "Hi, baby.

"Honey, I thought you knew me better! Do you think we should really be going down this long road if you can't even tell my own voice?"

In an attempt to save himself Orlando responded, "No, that was good babe because, you know what you did, you sort of did the English version or you... it was so clever."


(Sources: BBC Radio 1, E! News).

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