WATCH: Kendall Jenner reveals her struggle with sleep paralysis

2016-11-03 19:00
kendall jenner

Los Angeles - Kendall Jenner is "scared" of falling asleep because of her sleep paralysis.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is worried about flying all over the world incase she struggles to move or communicate when she wakes up.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of their E! reality show, Kendall says: "I'm scared to fall asleep because it keeps happening to me. It almost feels like my heart stops."

However, her mother Kris reminded her of the importance of her commitments, adding: "The nature of what you do for a living and your career is flying around the world. You have designers that have already booked you and are counting on you to show up."

Kris later admitted Kendall's health was "becoming a real problem" because the 20-year-old model is so worried about the sleep paralysis that she occasionally struggles to travel on an airplane on her own.

She shared: "Kendall basically lives on an airplane, so the anxiety on an airplane and the sleep paralysis is a huge problem. Sometimes it's been so bad that she's been paralysed from even getting on an airplane and I've had to get on a plane, fly from L.A. to London just to get her from London to New York. So it's becoming a real problem."

Watch the clip here:

Meanwhile, Kendall previously opened up about her health struggle.

She said: "I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't move ... Everyone says I'm fine, but I don't feel fine."

Kendall also fumed at her family for not taking her worries about her health seriously.

She said: "I'm done arguing with people because I don't feel fine. I promise one day when I'm rushed to the hospital, then you guys are going to wake up."

Watch the clip here:

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