WATCH: Khloe Kardashian gives the scoop on Rob's 'health scare'

2016-01-11 15:00

Los Angeles - Rob Kardashian has already undergone a "great transformation".

The 28-year-old sock designer was diagnosed with diabetes late last year but sister Khloé is feeling positive for him in the New Year.

She told E! News: "But I think Rob's health scare really again, leaving that in 2015, all the bad stuff, 2016 is gonna be a really positive great year. And I think that health scare hopefully rattled Rob a little bit and maybe woke him ...

"I know it's only what January 7 or 8, it's only eight days of this year but I think I've seen such a great transformation just mentally right now. So I hope that sticks. Again it's only been a week, but I hope that sticks and I'm always praying and rooting for Rob.

"I'm very hopeful. We gotta get Rob back out here doing his thing. We all miss Rob, he's the best."

Meanwhile, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently took to her blog to reveal she had been educating Rob on the art of a "revenge body".

She wrote: "I told Rob a while back: the best form of revenge is a good body. It's a little silly but true. There is literally no downfall to working out your blues in the gym! You'll feel better, and the by-product will be a fierce bod that's bound to make your ex do a double-take."

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