WATCH: Liam Hemsworth jokes about JLaw's clumsy falls

2015-11-21 12:01

Los Angeles- Liam Hemsworth says Jennifer Lawrence is a "clumsy, clumsy girl".

The 25-year-old actress has fallen over at a number of high profile events including movie premieres and the Academy Awards and her Hunger Games co-star Liam, 25, joked that she is just a klutz.

In an interview with chat show host Seth Meyers, he quipped: "She's terrible at walking. I am constantly surprised at how much she falls down without trying at all.

"She fell in Spain going up the stairs in a premiere and she also fell in Berlin getting up off a chair."

However, Liam admitted that one of Jennifer's falls was his fault as he was supposed to be propping her up when her shoe broke.

He explained: "I let go of Jen to hug this person and she went straight down- hits the ground. I take full responsibility for that one."

Watch Liam laugh at JLaw's clumsiness:

Meanwhile, Jennifer admitted she finds her clumsiness embarrassing.

She told chat show host Jimmy Fallon: "I fell in every single city on the press tour. I fell 'round the world! It's so embarrassing to be known for that."

Watch JLaw expose all her embarrassing moments:

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